Building ELISA mobile Android / iOS app

13.01.2023 10 min

Without strict rules, numerous procedures and safety standards that guarantee a high level of safety for passengers, crew and aircraft themselves, the aviation sector would certainly not be considered one of the safest ways to travel. This is where the ELISA mobile application comes in.


One of the measures that ensures safety is accompanying aviation documentation, which includes various logbooks and work diaries. The purpose of the work diary is to demonstrate experience during one’s career. In order for companies to secure the highest quality employees, this data is often reviewed by employers and aviation authorities at the state, continental, or global level.


But these data in the logbook are still entered – manually.


So we created a unique software solution on the market – ELISA (Experience Logging and Interface Software for Aviation), an advanced mobile app which is of enormous help for the aviation personnel, maintenance crews, and management.


ELISA is a web and mobile Android/iOS mobile application that enables its users to quickly and easily enter all the necessary data related to their experience, education, and employment, thereby creating a database of aviation and technical experts worldwide. ELISA successfully addresses all the problems and potential demands of the highly complex and advanced aviation industry.

The main idea behind ELISA is to improve the experience and work processes in all segments of the aviation industry. ELISA provides a very good and purposeful reason for aviation-technical personnel to use it (keeping mandatory logs), which directly affects the continuous increase and expansion of the user base and facilitates the daily tasks for the users.


ELISA solves problems in Aviation Technical Training Departments by introducing a logbook that allows for precise recording of candidate and instructor experience. Using an internal database and filtering, ELISA solves the problem of accessing and contacting potential candidates.


To optimize the Quality Departments of MRO and solve the problem of employee experience tracking, ELISA offers a unique log that includes the work experience, certificates, and licenses of each employee. ELISA also monitors the validity of the listed licenses and warns users if they are about to expire. To prevent the abuse of work cards, ELISA has a built-in feature that requires an employee’s physical signature as well as a stamp from the supervisor as needed.

ELISA also solves problems for the HR department. Specifically, through automation, internal algorithms, and filters, ELISA contacts only interested, eligible, and available candidates for a particular job. This greatly reduces the administrative burden of hiring, allowing employers to have more time for interviews and negotiations with candidates.


Additionally, ELISA does not use resumes: a candidate’s profile is built based on their certificates, recommendations, and licenses, which are all available within the system. When purchasing ELISA, MRO can limit the job offers for their employees, which can lead to a reduction in staff turnover within the company.

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