HETA – development of a successful webshop

28.08.2023 4 min

A well-known Croatian company, HETA, one of the largest and most respected importers of watches and jewelry in the Croatian and regional markets, had a mission: to establish an online presence that would reflect their reputation and tradition dating back to 1892. Turning to Dwizards, they sought a webshop solution that would be functional and reflect the spirit of their brand.


HETA, already well-known in the Croatian market, wanted to further expand its reach through an online presence. Their requirements were:

1. Flawless user experience.
2. Strong brand identity representation.
3. A scalable platform that could keep up with the growth of inventory and user traffic.



1. User-focused design: Dwizards began with intensive user research, resulting in an intuitive design that facilitates easy browsing and shopping.
2. Brand Integration: Using HETA’s existing branding, Dwizards integrated the colors, typography, and ethos of the brand into every aspect of the online store. The aim was for visitors to feel the essence of HETA as soon as they visited the site.
3. Scalable backend structure: Dwizards provided HETA with an e-commerce platform ready for future growth.



Front-end: For a dynamic user interface, we combined HTML as the foundation for structuring content, CSS for customizing the appearance of interface elements in line with HETA’s brand identity, and JavaScript for dynamism and interactivity, allowing fluid browsing and user interaction.

Back-end: To support scalability and security, we chose PHP as the language to build dynamic features, ensuring fast and efficient processing of user requests.

Database: To guarantee stability and continuous data availability, we chose the MySQL database, enabling secure and efficient storage, and frequent management of a wide range of information.

Such a technological approach ensured not only the fulfillment of all HETA project expectations but also provided a flawless user experience, strongly and authentically emphasizing brand identity, while simultaneously ensuring scalability crucial for future growth.



A few months after launch, HETA’s online store recorded an increase in online sales, an increase in the number of registered users, and the average website uptime climbed to 99.9%.


User feedback indicated a high level of satisfaction with the shopping experience, highlighting the ease of navigation and the payment process. Dwizards’ dedicated approach to understanding HETA’s unique requirements and challenges resulted in the creation of an e-commerce platform that is both brand-focused and user-oriented. HETA’s online store testifies to how the combination of technology with a deep understanding of brand identity can yield phenomenal results.


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