Mobile app for the book “Discover Animals Through AR Experience”

14.08.2023 5 min

With the progressive growth and evolution of modern technological solutions, boundless opportunities arise to enhance and expand our perceptual understanding of the world through various digital platforms. Dwizards, known for its expert software development, embraced the unique opportunity to develop a mobile application related to the educational book titled “Discover Animals Through AR Experience.”


Project Background

The book “Discover Animals Through AR Experience” isn’t an ordinary educational tool; it represents a complex amalgamation of information that aids readers of all age groups in understanding different animal species better. The aspiration to produce an interactive version of this book led its authors to search for a software company competent for this undertaking.


Why Dwizards?

Dwizards is primarily recognized for its technical prowess and commitment to quality. With a team of experienced developers and designers, we were the logical choice for crafting this application.


Development Process

The app development process was segmented into pivotal phases, each having its unique goals and requirements:


a) Analysis and Planning

Target audience research: Detailed investigation into the needs and wishes of prospective app users.
Feature definition: Selection of key functionalities for implementation.
Prototype and wireframe creation: Constructing visual guidelines to serve as the foundation for design and development.


b) Design and Development

Graphic design and User Interface (UI): Crafting intuitive and visually appealing interface components.
Backend and Frontend programming: Implementing the application’s logic using modern programming languages and tools:
• Unity – Modeling and execution of 3D elements.
• Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK – Linking 3D elements with book graphics.
• Android SDK – Customizing and launching on the Google Store.
• iOS developer SDK – Customizing and launching on the Apple Store.
Multimedia content integration: Incorporating interactive illustrations, videos, quizzes, and related components.


c) Testing

Automated and manual testing: Identifying and rectifying bugs and flaws within the app.
Performance optimization: Enhancing the app’s speed and efficacy.


d) Launch

App deployment: Publishing the app on relevant platforms.
Maintenance and updates: Ongoing surveillance and upkeep post-release.


Application Features

“Discovering the World’s Animals” isn’t just any app. It offers a rich spectrum of interactive attributes, presenting each animal within the book in an intriguing and novel manner.


Results and Feedback Collection

The application achieved remarkable success, receiving positive reviews from users and industry experts alike. Its role in education and access to new layers of interactivity is invaluable.

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