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Why is Shopify the Right Choice for Your Online Store?

13.02.2024 3 min

Are you thinking of starting an online store, or are you unsatisfied with your current one? Shopify is undoubtedly one of the options that comes to mind as a choice, but it also brings up numerous questions for which we provide answers.

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Digital Technology: A Simple Decision or Detailed Analysis?

29.01.2024 5 min

Digital business today is not a matter of choice, but a necessity that can, but does not necessarily guarantee the survival of a business. The process of digital transformation must be rounded off with clear goals that are to be achieved and that lead to the final realization of sales, or if we turn things around, we define goals that, if not met, ultimately result in no sales.

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Maximizing the Full Potential of Black Friday

17.01.2024 5 min

Black Friday is a period when brands and retailers around the world launch their most favorable offers, and customers respond with record spending.

By executing Black Friday effectively, companies scale their sales and expand their customer base, with some Digital Native companies generating more than 50% of their revenues during this period. There’s a general impression that this period is not as important and significant in our areas, but this is an impression created based on offers that are not as attractive as, for example, in the USA.  On the other hand, we have consumers who have long accepted BF and who will make a purchase – the question is whether they will do it at your point of sale or with some global retailer.

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Več 1.9 Million Visits in September

23.10.2023 3 min

The business successes of our clients are also our successes. Več, redesigned by the Dwizards agency, was visited by 1,898,712 unique users in September. With this impressive number, they have once again proven that they provide reliable and timely information to their readers on a daily basis.

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HETA – development of a successful webshop

28.08.2023 4 min

A well-known Croatian company, HETA, one of the largest and most respected importers of watches and jewelry in the Croatian and regional markets, had a mission: to establish an online presence that would reflect their reputation and tradition dating back to 1892. Turning to Dwizards, they sought a webshop solution that would be functional and reflect the spirit of their brand.

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Mobile app for the book “Discover Animals Through AR Experience”

14.08.2023 5 min

With the progressive growth and evolution of modern technological solutions, boundless opportunities arise to enhance and expand our perceptual understanding of the world through various digital platforms. Dwizards, known for its expert software development, embraced the unique opportunity to develop a mobile application related to the educational book titled “Discover Animals Through AR Experience.”

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Small dictionary of developer terms

03.08.2023 5 min

Terms like “API”, “Bug”, “Hosting”, “Frontend”, “Backend” and many others often leave those who communicate with web developers with a big question mark above their heads. In order not to appear completely ignorant in the eyes of IT professionals, many do not dare to ask the simplest question: “What does that mean?” Therefore, we bring you a small dictionary of the most common developer terms.

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Unique UX: Crafting captivating web design

06.06.2023 4 min

Behind every successful web project is an engaging UX. It’s more than design—it’s about shaping your customer’s online journey. Our craft revolves around transforming this principle into immersive web designs that speak your brand’s language.

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Building – a complex news portal

07.04.2023 8 min is a leading Croatian news portal delivering content to millions of users. In this article, we will outline the key steps we took to build and launch the modern news portal, highlighting our approach from initial consultation to continuous support after the launch.

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Important Considerations When Building a Website

07.03.2023 6 min

If you want to advertise or offer your content, services or products on the internet, you need a well-organized and high-quality website. This article provides essential information you need to know before embarking on this adventure.

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