Why is Shopify the Right Choice for Your Online Store?

13.02.2024 3 min

Are you thinking of starting an online store, or are you unsatisfied with your current one? Shopify is undoubtedly one of the options that comes to mind as a choice, but it also brings up numerous questions for which we provide answers.


What is Shopify?


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that has been on the market for many years. According to the latest official data, Shopify is one of the three most popular solutions for online stores, ranking second in the market after WooCommerce and ahead of Magento.


The fact that popular brands like Pepsi, RedBull, and Tesla use Shopify instills confidence that it’s not just a platform used by small and new traders, but quite the opposite.


“Do It Yourself” Platform or “Consult an Expert”?


The internet is full of information that can undoubtedly help in the adventure of independently launching an online store on Shopify. If you decide to take this step, keep in mind that you first need to properly select from a plethora of available information, and then the real work begins, which requires a certain level of technical competence.


So, feel free to contact us! We offer all clients expert and verified advice that can best utilize the potential of the Shopify platform and become a reliable partner in the development of your online store.


Key Features


The main advantages and features of the Shopify platform are:


–  Ease of Use – the platform is intuitive and easy to use


–  Scalability – supports merchants from micro to macro levels


–  Applications – has its own app store, making it easy to upgrade with new desired functionalities


–  Hosting – the platform is not dependent on hosting service providers, instead, it provides its own hosting which guarantees stability and saves money


Keep in mind that unlike other free online store platforms, Shopify is paid for and offers several packages depending on user needs. The chosen package is paid on a monthly or annual basis and varies from 27 EUR per month for a simpler package to, for example, 289 EUR per month for a more advanced package.


Dwizards and Shopify


There are many more important details about Shopify that are important for merchants who choose this platform. The Dwizards expert team is at your disposal for all questions and professional advice, contact us, and we will help you in making and implementing the best decision!

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